Drugs detox rehab centres

Get help now. ADUS Healthcare. We are providing a highly-structured Intensive Residential abstinence-based therapeutic Treatment programme for ALL Drugs and/or Alcohol Abuse Problems, Dependency or Addiction. Duration: 10 days – 12 weeks, depending on the individual. Open 24 hours.

What we do 

We offer detox and rehabilitation from drug addiction throughout our rehab centres through the uk. Our goal is to help people who are suffering with Substance Addiction, Dependency or drug Abuse problem.

If you are struggling with a drugs addiction, or know someone who is

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To help them understand through their own experiences, what their personal needs are, and what support they need in order to cater for those needs, both present and future. We cover all drugs providing a strong foundation from which individuals can continue to building a life of Balance, Creativity, Fulfilment and Freedom from Addiction.

Drugs detox / Alcohol Home Detox

Talk to us about a home detox plan. We can offer a home detox plan for drugs and alcohol. This can be set up within 48 hours. Never try to detox yourself without professional help as in some cases it can be fatal. Always seek medical advice before any detox.

We are now offering help with funding, or reduced cost rehabilitation. All our rehabilitation is centres are private and residential. We offer many different programmes to help everyone who may be struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Call our team for details.

ADUS Healthcare Drugs Detox

ADUS Healthcare Est: – 2009. We are addiction specialists, helping hundreds of people every year who are suffering from a drugs or alcohol addiction. Our team is here 24 hours a day. We can normally admit you into rehab within 24 hours. Call us now on Tel: 0845 3881 543

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